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When life gets sew busy…. and you slack off on your blog.

It’s been months since I last blogged, this is becoming a habit. So what have I been doing in that time? Too much, probably not enough sewing though. So since my last blog post, I’ve made a tutu, knitted a baby jumper, finished knitting a cardigan, sewn lingerie, planned a bunch of projects, cuddled sick babies and joined about a million Facebook Sewing groups and honestly I really only check Facebook now to see what’s been added to the sewing pages, I know, I’m so slack!

So I’ll do some posts on finished projects and a few stalled ones in coming weeks but here’s a look at some planned projects.

I need to update my pants as I own 2 pairs of jeans which are well worn and just a tad big so I’m planning on updating my pants with a few patterns, I live in either jeans or pj’s so either totally comfy or more rigid and structured so I’ve gone with Style arc and Jalie patterns, plus a few jeans patterns that I have floating around.

So here are my chosen pants:


The style arc ones I chose are:

The Ebony woven pant. I really want to try this in maybe a wool, I also think it would be nice in a linen for summer, not sure yet but we’ll see. If you want more detail, they are available at https://www.stylearc.com/shop/pdf-sewing-patterns/ebony-woven-pant-pdf/

The Barb stretch pants are a fitted basic pant designed for stretch woven. They are fairly basic and would be fun to do in a variety of colours. Once again they are StyleArc and they can be bought or downloaded here: https://www.stylearc.com/shop/pdf-sewing-patterns/barbs-stretch-pant-pdf/

My final Style Arc pant (for now, they have some pretty nice looking pants guys) is the Beth Pants. It is designed for a stretch woven as well but the design line of the waistband looked appealing so I thought I’d give it a try. I actually bought this pattern in a bundle which had a cardigan and top and is available here: https://www.stylearc.com/shop/bundles/nina-evie-beth-outfit-pdf/ or you can just purchase the pants pattern here: https://www.stylearc.com/shop/pdf-sewing-patterns/beth-stretch-woven-pant-pdf/


Jalie also made the hit list. I’ve seen so many soft flowy comfy looking pants in chambray and I wanted to try them, then I found the Vanessa fluid pants available as a download from Jalie. This pattern is designed for woven but I can imagine doing trackies in this pattern too.It comes in child’s size all the way to adults so I can make pants for myself and my four daughters, yay me! The other pattern here is the Jalie Eleonore pull up pant. It is recommended for denim or twill with 20% stretch across the grain. Also like the Vanessa, Eleonore is available from child’s through to adult.

Both of the Jalie patterns are available here:



I also have floating around the house 2 jeans patterns, when I find them I will definitely share the patterns on here.

Next is a bunch of tops, which is honestly reasonably new to me, making knit wear in general is actually. I tend to look online for patterns before I hit the shop to find them, and I found some nice McCall’s patterns which I ended up buying as downloads online once my local fabric store didn’t have most of them.

So here are my tops patterns


I seem to be missing 2 patterns from this photo that are also McCall’s but they all look so comfy. I actually downloaded these at http://sewingpatterns.com/

The other tops I plan on making are actually cardigans, but close. 


My photos are actually pretty bad but these are 2 StyleArc cardigans, the Terry Tie Cardigan and the Nina Cardigan available at:

https://www.stylearc.com/shop/pdf-sewing-patterns/terry-tie-cardi-pdf/ https://www.stylearc.com/shop/pdf-sewing-patterns/nina-cardigan-pdf/.

Both of these are designed for knit fabric but look very stylish, and comfy, my favourite word it seems.

So that’s enough practical wardrobe planning, what fun is that without some dresses to jazz it up. So as I mentioned, I’m in a few sewing groups and so the dresses for the sewalongs are in the next pic.


There are 2 Bellville Sassoons in here, one form about 10 years ago and a new formal evening gown, a Tom and Linda Platt with an organza petticoat, a Nicola Finetti which could allow for some colour blocking and the Lialia with a back feature and cowl that you can fashion different ways. I bought most of these of Ebay, amazing what patterns are on there.

Lastly, not really, my sewing stash is huge, but lastly planned for me are these little stunners:


Another Bellville Sassoon, such beautiful designs, Badgley Mischka, 2 McCall’s day dresses and 2 butterick day dresses. I’ve decided I need some evening, maybe a formal gown, some professional business dresses and some just fun, plus a few sexy date night dresses for nights out with my handsome man. Sounds like a nice balance.

So that’s my fun planning, for now. Trust me I have heaps of patterns, I could do this forever. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated. Also let me know what you like here, don’t like and what you’ve tried to make from this list, how you’re garments turned out and anything else you might like to share.

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