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The things I do for my children!

So I went shopping with Miss 3 last week, and she had her little heart set on a Supergirl costume. She sweet talked Daddy into Princess Sophia the day before and told me last week she only wanted costumes for her birthday in a few months so I know she really wanted another costume. She however was too little for the Supergirl costumes available so silly me agreed to make her one, I know I’m creating a monster but she’s just so adorable that how could I say no. Anyway, some tulle and bits and pieces and later we both are at home having a nap. Oops! Thankfully before I fell asleep I washed her fabric and had it on the line drying, so after accidental nap I got sewing.

I decided on a blue dance lycra that was already in my stash, and Jalie pattern 3349 for the bodice.


Just to make things complicated I added an A on the front instead of the Supergirl symbol. I did this with the sparkly tulle and used fusiweb to attach it to some red satin then just straight stitched onto the bodice. I did try a narrow zigzag but it rippled the fabric, a walking foot would of solved that problem but I was just being plain lazy.

A sparkly skirt was added and then a layer of tulle. I didn’t use a pattern for this, I just cut the fabric straight across the width at the length I wanted for Miss 3. Once the sparkly tulle and stiff tulle was attached to the bodice I then overlocked a red satin skirt so once again two rectangles of fabric, overlocked together and a rolled hem done, then gathered and attached to the bodice.

At this point I attached the lining, this was just  a navy stretch lining that I had used before for leotards. It was attached at the bodice seam to keep the tulle from scratching Little Miss.

At this point I stopped sewing to get kids ready for bed and Miss 3 decided to try on her dress and while unsupervised, tried her own alterations. She ended up cutting off part of the front shoulder strap on the left shoulder as at that stage the shoulders had not been sewn together. Good thing we had a nap!

A simple remedy for this was to make a pattern for the part that was cut off and tidy the front, so cut both shoulders the same. Then I used the new front shoulder pattern and back pattern to make her cape. I was going to have it coming from the shoulders  so now it’s just a few inches forward and looks pretty good.

So after attaching the cape and sewing the shoulder seams, binding was attached to the neck and armholes and we’re done, at 11:45pm, with Little Miss excitedly sitting beside me waiting.

A quick try on and spin in the mirror, a very happy little girl and we’re off to bed. It’s one week later and so far she’s worn it 3 times and requested an Elsa dress, so guess what’s’ next!

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