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Silly mummy put my cape on backwards

SO last weekend I finally made my littlest man some bibs. Very basic and all the same, but 10 bibs in an afternoon and at a cost of about $30 for the lot, not too bad. And I know my little man is supposed to look trendy and adorable and not wear the same thing everyday, but he’s 8 months old, he’s teething, he dribbles, he makes a mess with his food, I really don’t care, all his shirts at the moment are striped, all his shorts are plain and the same style, all his undersuits/ rompers are blue, and so are his bibs. Plus he is adorable


So I actually bought this fabric months ago in Spotlight for about  $20 on clearance, and I think almost everything got postponed over the Christmas period, well all craft related stuff anyway, but when I bought this fabric I discovered that the packaging actually had how to draft a bib pattern on the inside, so that was easy, no need to search through my patterns. It is Soho pre cut towelling for anyone interested.

Anyhow on the weekend I finally pulled the roll of fabric out of the sewing basket, made my pattern and went to work. The instructions on this call for snaps but I’m more than happy to just use some Velcro, it also called for another bit of fabric to cover the bib but once again, I’m not fussed with how it looks, so I skipped that part.


So this is what my pattern piece ended up looking like, the paper curled a bit after being cut. The instructions to make the pattern call for a rectangle, and then use 2 plates, one around 6 inches and the other around 3 inches to do the curves near the head, but I just measured to where the plate would sit and free handed it.

Next cutting into the fabric was interesting, I had to do that when bub was asleep as it was so fluffy, you’d pick up a bib you’d just cut and fluff would come off, but a good shake and it was ready for the overlocker. So overlocking it was interesting, the towelling stretches a bit, so to prevent that you need to kind of push it into the machine, not hard to do though. Then I put a 3cm bit of Velcro on the top of the bib with my normal domestic in just a straight stitch and we’re almost done. the final bit was something I hadn’t seen on a bib before, but the pattern instructions tell you to fold the bottom edge up to 19cm from the bottom and attach snaps  about a centimetre down from there and a centimetre up at the bottom so that it folds up to that point, I’m not sure why but I attached Velcro there anywhere. I could of skipped it but my theory is that my little one is only little so folding the bib up means it’s not too long but then once he grows I can undo the velcro it and it will still be long enough, awesome. The other thing to note about this fabric is that one side is like a towel, obviously, it is towelling, and the other side is super soft, so I made a deliberate decision to have the super soft side as the side closest to bubs skin.

So here is what my finished product looks like.


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