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One block, 3 styles.

This is just a quick blog to show you how one millinery block, a fairly basic porkpie pillbox can have 3 different looks. I bought this block of ebay, from a business in Wagga Wagg, NSW, they have some lovely little blocks, so far I have 2 of them. If you want to see what they have however, their facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hat-Blocks-Wagga.

So the first pillbox that I made with this is a felt piece, my first felt actually but it’s turned out so nice on this block. It’s a cream fur felt, which when finished will have a small bow or loops at the back and a cream lining, simple and elegant. I love simple and elegant. I’d love to make a bunch of these to sell for winter, they’re just to pretty, and I’d love to walk past people in the middle of winter wearing felt hats, just to add some glamour and style to winter, but I’m in a small town in Australia, so t doesn’t happen here. A girl can dream though.

The second piece from this block is an orange sinamay piece, very lovely. Unlike the other two pieces from this block, the sinamay piece is not lined and has a simple sinamay bind on the edge. I’m finishing this with an orange fabric flower and some loops.

The third piece is a green parisisal  piece. It is yet to be finished but I’m hoping to make some lovely satin origami type flowers that I saw instructions for on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest how I love you. Anyway, I imagine once it’s finished, this piece will be lined and attached with a simple comb and elastic. I will update this blog once that piece is done.

I almost forgot to add, all these pieces will be available in my Etsy shop which is https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/MillinerybyMelissa

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