• Mel Rath

I photographed my balls!

Yes I did, I photographed my balls and then I played with them for a bit, and it felt so good.

They were sooo soft! Then I photographed my skeins and played with them too. My older daughters then wanted to feel them and that was a great opportunity to teach them about fibre content.

“Feel this one, it is a silk/ merino blend”, “this one is alpaca”, “this one is 100% merino”.

So why is it that we knitters photograph our balls? To inventory them of course. I then uploaded them onto my Ravelry account and now I can go to my account, look at my stash and my queue of future projects and remember what I had decided to do with each  ball/skein. It’s also a good way to remind yourself not to buy a particular colour in a particular weight of yarn as you already have it. It also turns out that I only have 17 different yarns, sure some are all the same brand and blend but different colours, so 1 unstarted cardigan, and 10-15 shawls planned a pair of socks and some beanies and my stash will be empty, but that could take a year or two anyway as shawls and cardigans take a while especially when I don’t sit and knit all day everyday.

So what did I do after I photographed and uploaded my balls to inventory? I put them back in the boxes I store them in, and put them with my craft supplies until I’m ready to play with them again.

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