• Mel Rath

Hello world! This is me!

This is my very first post, on my very first blog, yay me! Anyhow let me introduce myself, I’m Melissa, I’m a mum, I’m a Girl Guide leader, I’m a Junior Guide leader, I’m a milliner, I work as an industrial sewing machinist, I love working out of a night, and I love sewing until the wee hours. My love of sewing however extends to dresses, jackets, coats and all girly things.

I decided to create a blog as 1. I have a friend who thinks I should write (she’s nuts but I love her), 2. A recent status on my Facebook Millinery page revealed that people are curious how I make my pieces and 3. I’d love to teach just one person, someone somewhere, to make something beautiful, so hopefully this blog covers all of the above . My other ramblings may include my crazy obsession with high heels, dresses off Ebay, possible unsuccessful attempts at make up and who knows what else, but if you want to find my elsewhere, I’m on Facebook, Etsy and Twitter. I hope you enjoy this blog

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